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About us

Magda's Leather started more than 35 years ago with designing leather handbags. The next natural progression from designing leather fashion accessories was to do design and manufacture leather garments for the fashion industry and this is where the brand of Magda's Leather was really found. Today we design and manufacture some of the finest leather furniture. We only use the finest Nappa leather from Nakara Tannery in Namibia, this is what allows us to give our 20-year guarantee on our leather.

Our Philosiphy

Luxury and Quality are the core values of Magda’s Leather, and supports the way our product is manufactured. A simple approach ensures that the integrity of our product remains. This enables us to celebrate the luxury, quality and style that Magda’s Leather has become know for.

Our Brand

Magda’s Leather is an authentic brand with style and character. Its simple philosophies are reflected in everything Magda’s Leather does: From product design, sourcing and manufacture to service.