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Leather Care

By Claudia Weyers
Everyone loves leather and it is quite pricey but so worth the spend.

No matter what article of leather it is. Hand bags, jackets or your furniture. Leather is still a skin and just as we put cream on our skins to prevent our skins from looking dull and eventually start cracking, so we have to put some “good” moisture to our leather articles.

Due to our leather articles getting quite a bit of abuse we need to first clean them properly. So luke warm water with freshly squeezed lemon juice in, to help remove excess oils and dirt and the fresh lemon juice helps alkaline the leather so it lasts longer. Once you have completed this process, let the leather articles dry for an hour or so. Thereafter, apply the leather treatment onto your leather articles. If you prefer to apply sparingly then note that you might have to give 2 to 3 coats of the treatment. 

Remember, depending on the age of the leather article or the dryness of it you must keep on applying until you see that it does not change colour anymore. Please keep in mind that a “porous” leather will turn darker and then after a week or so should go lighter again.

If you would like to test this first try the inside of the collar or cuff to see what happens to your leather when you apply the treatment to it.

Please do not use any of the leather treatment products that you buy in the shops which is for motor cars. Remember all leather is dyed and treated differently and leather for cars has been sprayed and requires a wax finish product and not a conditioning treatment. If you cannot get to us to purchase our “Hide Food” then rather use a good body cream that you would put on your own body.

If your leather has faded a bit and you would like to restore the colour, then wait for my next post for an easy treatment to restore the faded colour.

Leather Re-Dye

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