Leather furniture is not only aesthetically beautiful and natural, but unique. Incorporating hand crafted exotic African leather furniture in your interior space achieves a sophisticated and eclectic edge that is both appealing and timeless. We offer a wide range of handcrafted leather furniture made not only from bovine leather, but also the exotic African leathers and skins of kudu, oryx, ostriches and zebras. Choose furniture in our showroom, which are timeless, classic and popular suites and individual pieces – or we can custom make pieces to suit your needs.

Kudu and Oryx

The most handsome of the tragelaphine antelopes, kudus are found throughout southern Africa. Oryx, also known as Gemsbok, are large, striking antelope native to the hot, dry Kalahari. Both magnificent species are also renowned for their horns.

Kudu and oryx skins are popular for furniture upholstery. They reflect an aspect of Africa, with their scratches, scars and marks from their thorny habitat and if they have fought with males during mating season. With a rougher texture than bovine leather, the skins are brown with the unique markings of the antelope, and the mane leaves a black stripe down the skin.


This flightless bird is also the world’s largest living bird species. Ostriches now only live in Africa and are farmed mostly in the hot, dry Little Karoo area of South Africa. With its rich texture and distinctive quill marks, ostrich leather transforms both contemporary and antique furniture into exquisite, sophisticated pieces. The leather is extremely durable yet soft and supple, and the soft sheen and colour nuances give the leather its individuality.


The Burchell’s Zebra (African Zebra) is the most common zebra species across Africa and is not an endangered species. These social animals with their iconic striped coats survive in the wild by outrunning or escaping from predators. Due to encounters with lion and cheetah, as well as their thorny habitat, zebras have many scars and marks on their skin. We use top quality zebra skins for unique and distinctive furniture pieces. As each zebra’s stripes are unique, no two skins are identical.

Nguni Cattle

South Africa’s indigenous Nguni cattle, the mainstay of traditional Zulu culture, are possibly the most attractive cattle in the world. Their rich earthy coloured hides are mainly black, brown and white, and all are uniquely patterned. Handmade Nguni hide furniture is some of the most beautiful African furniture, which has become sought after in private homes and luxury lodges.


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