Custom Furniture Designs

Some custom pieces are as simple as an order for a piece we have designed which is not immediately available, or for a variation of one of these pieces in a different leather or size.

Other pieces are from people who like the design and quality of our work, but do not see a piece which suits their particular needs, and wish for us to create a new design that perfectly suits them both in form and function. If this is the case, we will work with you to define the requirements of the piece: where it will go, how it will be used, size, aesthetics and price. You can provide as much direction or as much design freedom as you desire. Many of pieces have been created through this process, and I look forward to our next collaboration.


Looking to change things up and make that old piece a new focal point in your home? We will help you choose the perfect material or leather to re-upholster that sentimental couch or chair to make it look stunning and become a focal point in your home.


Bring us your old and tired furniture and we will give it a new life.

It could be as simple as firming up the couch with some new foam, repairing a broken frame, fixing a spring that has shot loose, repairing a tear by replacing a panel of leather or material or simply a “spa” treatment for the leather.

We are also able to restore the colour of your leather furniture.

We also do restoration of antique furniture pieces.

Extended Services

Contact us for extended services, including Interior Design Projects.

We offer Interior Design and Project Management Services, where we seamlessly blend creativity, expertise, and innovation, to bring your dream space to life. Our dedicated team of professionals takes the stress out of your project, handling everything from concept to completion. With our Interior design and Project Management Services, your project will be executed with precision and excellence. Let’s collaborate and transform your space into everything you imagined it would be.

The family has branched out. Visit Hadassah Interiors for more services and a great selection of furniture.


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